General Shareholders’ Meetings in Colombia

General Shareholders' Meetings

General Shareholders’ Meetings represent one of the fundamental pillars in the corporate structure in Colombia, playing a crucial role in decision-making and the strategic development of companies. In this article, we will explain the objectives, the call, the means to convene, the program and the place of celebration of these assemblies, providing a complete vision […]

Office Space for Rental in Medellín. NOI Coworking

office space for rent in medellin

Welcome to NOI Coworking, your ideal destination to find the perfect office space in the vibrant city of Medellín, Colombia! At NOI, we have everything to boost the success of your company, from work spaces designed to spark creativity to staff who will take care of everything you need. Let us show you why NOI […]

NOI Coworking 24 Hours

coworking 24 hours

At NOI Coworking, we understand that the modern work world doesn’t stop, even during the holidays. We know how difficult it can be to find a productive place to work during the holiday weeks, especially for digital nomads looking for a reliable space to continue their work while enjoying their stay in Medellín. It is […]

Coworking as a Space of Creation and Synergy for New Projects

coworking space

The business world is undergoing a radical transformation, and coworking has become a prominent trend in this change. It is not just about sharing a workspace, but about creating a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem that fosters creativity and synergy between professionals from different sectors and disciplines. In this context, coworking spaces have emerged as authentic […]

6 Tips for a Successful Strategic Planning Meeting

6 Tips for a Successful Strategic Planning Meeting

In the business fabric, strategic planning is the common thread that unites the long-term vision with daily action. It is a dynamic process that goes beyond simply setting goals; It is the roadmap that guides organizations towards achieving their objectives. In this context, strategic planning meetings emerge as crucial moments where the strategic foundations for […]

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